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Cassie-Anne Founder of Katie Cakes

I tried and failed to launch my online store four times and was so ready to give up when i came across a FB ad for Women's Social!! I wasn't sure but i really didn't want to give up so i figured i'd join and see how it goes - From the start they were so supportive, they sent straight over step 1 of the business plan, i was so naive as to what planning a successful business entailed. They broke it down to me in bite size sections to ensure i flourished. Well - I did, I am now the proud owner of a company i adore, enjoy and most importantly make a HUGE profit from. i turn over £250,000 and keep growing! Do not hesitate to join Women's Social - They are the reason i am successful! 

Sonia Smith Founder of Quick Cleans

I can not recommend Women's Social enough, the mentoring and coaching sessions are superb! Any business questions i have i instantly go to them because they don't just give advice, they give the best advice for your business needs. I have been a member for 6 months now and the resources, the encouragement and the network of successful entrepreneurs keeps getting better. Thank you for all of your ongoing support and i am honored to be a part of such a cool all female club.

Lucy Still - Cosmetic company owner 

I have become a member of so many companies like this, who sell you a dream and its never worth it or its too hard too soon. Women's Social is actually perfect in so many ways, they know when to send resources, when to boost you confidence, when to plan, when to market, when to launch. They are so involved in my business it feels like they are a partner. The genuine knowledge, advice and help is unbelievable considering how cheap the monthly membership actually is. I love Women's Social, i love my mentor (she is like my best friend) and i love the networking events. My company keeps growing, i keep earning more and i keep hiring more, things couldn't be going any better right now. 

Anne-Marie  - CEO Unnamed organisation 

In my position i struggled for many years to create a work life balance, i struggled to open up about my work load and pretty much hit rock bottom. I couldn't express any of this to my organisation as i feared it would be seen as a weakness, i was overwhelmed, exhausted and depressed. A friend recommended Women's Social and i booked a 30 minute therapy session, it was so easy, so nice to have a safe space and get all of my concerns off my chest, i felt an instant bond with the therapist and have had weekly sessions ever since. I have never felt more confident in my ability,  i have never felt stronger to push back in the workplace and to put myself first sometimes. I could go on forever but this is the most valuable investment i have ever made and would like to thank everybody at Women's Social who has played a part in supporting me, i am eternally grateful.