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A client sharing her domestic violence experience

I was a single mum struggling to afford my groceries, struggling to hold down a job and struggling to be a good role model for my baby! I often felt exhausted, low and unattractive, I was miserable, snappy and frantically rushing around everyday.

How am I going to meet anyone like this? I’m a mess, I’m broke, I’ve got a kid and I don’t ever go out !! The only way I’ll meet someone is online and they’ll be a creep or married. friends kept pushing to set up a tinder profile, ergh!! I didnt want to, I wasn’t happy in myself let alone ready to start sexting or whatever !!

I went on a very rare and random night out for a friends birthday, I will never forget, we were dancing and playing around by the bar when this guy approached us. He was so handsome and such a gentleman, polite, courteous, generous (buying all our drinks ) and seemed genuinely interested in talking about my baby!

He paid for our taxi home and he asked for my number, the whole ride home I was smiling ear to

ear. It was a great night, first time I enjoyed myself in so long and somehow I met this guy who really liked me, first bit of attention in so long it went to my head and my heart!

TBC ... Anonymous

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