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Lockdown is ODD

Outside feels eary and uncertain. It’s so quiet and calm yet busy with people walking aimlessly looking lost and fearful. Something not predicted nor imaginable in our lifetime.

6 weeks has passed yet still doesn’t feel real, we are watching it play out from the safety of our own cocoons, not a part of it but paralysed with the fear it could find our loved ones.

The entire country has closed, travel banned, working conditions changed, businesses failing, people losing jobs, losing lives, losing people they love.

Everyday is dull but a blessing, everyday busy but so slow, everyday is a balancing act but never feels enough.

Precious time at home but atmosphere is off, quality time with kids and families but mentally stressful, gratitude for things taken for granted but a sense of resilience to restricted freedom.

Split opinions, criticism, politics and controversy. How we contracted the virus is uncertain and an exit strategy is unknown.

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